Prince Edward Island (or PEI)

By Aidan C.

Do you like to get away from the city? Well you should go to Prince Edward Island if you do!  It is a province in Canada.  It is a very great place to visit for vacation.  It can be very quiet there because  its population is pretty scarce.  PEI has a lot of natural resoures because of the small  population.  Everybody there is very, very nice.

It is my favorite place in the whole world!  They have the best lobster there.   One of the best places is lakeside.   You could rent a cottage for a week or two, maybe three or four.  You can go on a boat to see seals in the water!!!

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in all of Canada,  it is about the size of Delaware. Its population is about 115,000.  There are three Prince Edward islands in the world. There is one in Canada, one in France, and also one in the United Kingdom.  They also have red  sand there. If you bring a bottle of it home it is supposed to be good luck.  Also the book series Anne of Green Gables is based there.  So you will see a lot of stores that say “Anne of PEI.”


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