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Game Review: Midnight Club 3

by Mohamad M. 

The game Midnight Club 3 is for the PSP. You can buy it at Best Buy for $200. The game is fun. You get to pick a car and you get to race. The car will get washed if you just drive it into the water. Sometimes the police will chase you if you go through a red light. When you crash the cars, an ambulance comes for the other cars. Then the tow truck comes and bad things happen. That is when you go to jail.

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Game Review: AQ Worlds

by William

AQWorlds is an online game were you fight monsters to level up and earn gold. When you start off. you have four choices of different classes or armors- the healer, rouge, mage, and warrior. You also start off with different weapons. When you battle different monsters you might earn an item after defeating the monster. If you are a high level you can earn other rare items with your gold. Each month new events happen. During the event, rare limited time items are sold by one of the guest characters. Sometimes the game has a contest called I CAN HAS MOD. In this contest you draw a picture of your character and send it to the company they also have an item that turns into a new item in a month. One more important fact is if you want to buy items that stay in a shop forever go to Yulgars shop in Battleon. If you want to play go to

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Game Review: Cabela’s Big Game Hunter

by Islam

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012 is the perfect Wii game. It’s not that violent. You have to use your hunting and survival skills to try to survive a week in the forest- that’s if you play story mode. If you play free-play, you have to pick a camping ground and there is no limit on hunting. You should try playing it. The graphics are awesome! You can find it at GameStop. It costs $60. Its pricy, but it is worth it!

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Game Review: Sonic and the Secret Rings

by Aidan

Do you want to go on an epic adventure? Well now you can, if you buy “Sonic and the Secret Rings”. You can travel to the world of the Arabian knights. Someone named the Erazer Djiin is taking over that world. You are guided by a genie that brings you to that world .You play and Sonic the hedgehog.

The game has great graphics. It also isn’t violent and is rated E. It is even fast and exciting. Doesn’t this game sound awesome? Well get it today! It’s available for the Wii system and other consoles.

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Game Review: Wii Sports Resort

by James and Gino

Do you want to see paradise on your Wii? Then play Wii Sports Resort! It’s a game that is the exciting family sequel to the sporty game Wii Sports.


This game uses the motion sensor plus which helps build hand-eye coordination. This gives you more of a chance of not making a shot in golf that you did not want to make. It’s a great game because of the new game modes including swordplay, airplanes, basketball, and more! Each game mode has regular and special modes. We’re sure that 90% of all families will love this sports game!

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Game Review: DJ Hero

Reviewed by Javian and Ahmed

Hey, would you like to play an awesome game in which you get the experience of being a DJ and using the turn-tables? If so, then you should buy DJ Hero. To play, you will need turn tables, the DJ Hero disc, and a game system such as X-Box 360, Wii, or PS3.

The point of this game is to battle other DJ’s for stars. Once you get stars, you will be able to unlock characters, decks, turntables, deck skins, ear phones, and more. Our favorite mix in the game is the JZ.

When we played DJ Hero we loved it. We like being able to feel like we are real DJ’s. When you play this game, you will see how crazy and awesome this game really is. You’ll be rocking all night and all day. You won’t even know how much time you’ve been rocking. You will love this game so much that you might not be able to eat or sleep and you’ll be seeing this game in your dreams. We give this game 5 stars!

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Game Review: How To Play Maple Story

by Andy and Cheng

Maple Story is a fun game. To play it, first, you need to create an account on the homepage. Once you’re done creating your account, download the game. It will take between 1-3 hours depending on your internet connection. When you’re done creating your account and downloading it, you’re ready to play. Log on to the game and press start. It will take you to a black screen. After waiting about 10 seconds you will see a white cursor. Then wait a while and you will see a world selecting screen. Select a world and make a character. You will start at level one. When you keep training, you might make it to the max level which is Level 200.

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