The first group of Journalism Stars began work during the 2009-2010 school year. Twelve 4th grade students, two parents, and one fearless parent coordinator learned that the most interesting stories are the stories of our lives — the ones we live everyday. Journalism is one way we can capture those stories and celebrate the life of our school with others.

Journalism Stars Founding Members

Meet the 2009-2010 student members of Journalism Stars here.

Stories are all around us, in movies, video games, comic books, and music. Some are make believe, and others true. They can inform, persuade, or entertain us. They make us think or feel, and the best stories cause us to do both.

No matter if stories are real or imaginary; on screen, in print, or on the internet; every great story has certain elements, like characters, plot, setting, timing, drama, and a purpose. Journalists discover the elements of the stories we tell about people or events by answering six basic questions: Who? What? Where? When? How? and Why?

During 2009-2010, Our Virtual Journal published stories that related to one of those six questions. Our January 2010 issue began by asking “WHO?” Who are we at Journalism Stars? And who are some of the interesting characters at PS 102? All six of our debut issues (January – June 2010) are archived here.

Thanks to Rana Abu-Sbaih, Jeremy Del Rio and Margaret Sheri, our adult advisors, for helping to launch Journalism Stars in December 2009. Special thanks to Isabel Marx of Isabel’s Designs for creating our banner, to Mr. Silverman for hosting our club in room 424 each Tuesday, and to all the PS 102 staff members for their support.

Journalism Stars Class of 2010-2011


2 responses to “Founders

  1. remember this guys if you dont im sure youll remember cause its the ps102 journalisame stars the founding members of the web sites founding and first members still have their photos if you dont know so go have fun and see the web site if you have time

  2. kayla cordero

    i miss you guys at ps102 and by the way its kayla!!! i am gonna visit you guys one day.

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