Lucky Me!

By Judah

On Tuesday, April 21st, I spent half an hour with two French girls. They were in 9th grade, which is still middle school in France. They were stuck in New York for an extra week because the volcano that erupted in Iceland made it unsafe for them to fly back home. Their teacher happened to be friends with Ms. Schulman, the ESL teacher at PS 102, so they visited PS 102 for the day.

One of Paris' best known landmarks is the Eiffel Tower

The girls were born in Paris, which is the capital city of France. They still live there, and they attend St. Vincent School. Ann is 14 and likes dancing. Allison is 15 and also likes dancing and swimming. They both enjoy learning English, and love reading and music.

It took them eight hours to fly to New York from Paris. They came to learn English and meet people too. Both like to try new things. Ann likes cats, and Allison likes turtles. Their favorite place to shop is Zara in France.

Allison’s mom is Michele and her dad is Laurent. Anne has two sisters and one brother who are all older than her. Allison’s birthday is February 22 and Anne’s is the 9th of May.

Their favorite thing about New York was seeing the Statue of Liberty in real life. The statue was a gift from France to the United States in 1886. They both love eating at Taco Bell here. They are leaving on Sunday April 26, so I am glad I got to meet them.


Hello: Bonjour (Bon-zhur)
Thank you: Merci (mare-see)
You’re welcome: De rien (Duh Ree-ah)
Goodbye: au revoir (oh re-vwah)



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