Josefa Canales

By Carolyn

My grandmother’s name is Josefa Canales.  She comes from La Coruna, which is in Spain.  La Coruna is located in Galicia.  Empanadas was one of the foods she ate as a child. Churros were used for snacks.

La Coruna was known for its fishing.  Shell fish and lobsters were the big  catches.  Fishermen made money by selling their catches at the market.

Josefa was 20 years old when she came to America.  Her father came first and then Josefa came with her mother and sister.  They came to America because Spain was having a civil war.

My grandmother went to school to learn English.  The family never moved back to Spain. America had more opportunity.  My grandma and her family went back to Spain for visits to other family members.

Josefa Canales & Carolyn


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