The founding members of the Journalism Stars club at PS 102 published six issues of Our Virtual Journal from January-June 2010. Read more about the club’s founding here.

Here are links to each issue.

>> January 2010: The Who? Issue

Who are we at Journalism Stars, and who are some of the interesting the characters at PS 102?

>> February 2010: The What? Issue

This month we uncover what’s going on here, what’s important to our students and our community.

>> March 2010: The How? Issue

“How do things get done at PS 102?” And, “How do we all get along together in such a big school?”

>> April 2010: The Where? Issue

Join the Journalism Stars as they take journeys near and far, make friends from France, share their favorite places to go on the web, and discover where  PS 102 students go after 2:40 and after 5th grade!

>> May 2010: The When? Issue

The best stories are timeless. They speak to us, no matter how old the story or the audience. They inspire and challenge and encourage us to grow. 

>> June 2010: The Why? Issue

Stories like Ms. Sheri’s take place everyday at PS 102, and someone has to tell them. What better storytellers than the students who live them alongside caring adults like Margaret Sheri?


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