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Celebrity Spotlight: Patti Staub

by Carolyn

Some celebrities are followed by the paparazzi.  Some celebrities get their faces on the cover of magazines.  Some celebrities are not well known, but they are celebrities in their own circles.  The celebrity I am writing about is Patti Staub.  Patti Staub was born with BORN WITH THE BEAGLES.

Patti Staub was born in 1940 and slept with a beloved Beagle under her crib.  During the war years in the 1940’s money was tight.  Patti’s mom bred Beagles because it was an inexpensive hobby.  Patti’s mother taught her how wonderful dogs, especially beagles, were.  Patti officially bred her first litter at the age of four in 1944.  Patti’s name was on all the paperwork, which her mother took care of.

Patti has bred 35 Champion Beagles.  She had a beagle by the name of Lite-N-Lively who beat out about 300 other Beagles to become the winner of the National Specialty  for this breed in 1992. Patti Staub was also the Director of the National Beagle Club from 1993 till 1998.

Patti estimates that she bred about 125 beagle puppies in her lifetime.  She will tell you that a good breeder breeds for the love of the breed and nothing more. Patti is a celebrity to all of the families who have had the honor of raising and loving one of her beautiful dogs.  She has made many families more happy than they ever expected.

Patti says that she will always take a dog back if the owner cannot keep it, or has a problem with the dog.  She never wants one of her beloved hounds in a kennel.  Patti is a celebrity in the world of Beagle breeding.  She will always be a celebrity to me, because she sent me my beloved hound, Snoopy.  I wish she would breed another 125 Beagles!

Click below to watch Patricia Staub reminisce about the 1945 Westminster Dog Show via WKC All Access: Westminster, 1945-WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW.


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Celebrity Spotlight: Taylor Swift

by Kaitlyn and Cheryl

The Top 10 Things That You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American country pop singer-songwriter and actress. Here are some things that you probably didn’t know about her.

 1. Did you know that Taylor Swift is 20 years old?

 2. Did you know that Taylor Swift’s lucky number is 13?

3. Did you know that Taylor Swift loves Nashville? This was where she lived.

4. Did you know that Taylor Swift has a Christmas theme party every year because she was born on December 13

5. Did you know that Taylor Swift loves bright colors?

6.  Did you know that Taylor Swift loves writing in her journal?

7.  Did you know that Taylor Swift loves wearing dresses?

8.  Did you know that Taylor Swift loves the freedom of living alone?

9.  Did you know that Taylor Swift loves to randomly pick a recipe to cook?

10. Did you know that Taylor Swift writes and sings about things that have    happened in her life?

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Celebrity Spotlight: Lionel Messi

by Granit

Lionel Messi was born in Rosario, Argentina . He was born on June 24, 1987 which makes him 23 years old. Lionel Messi is famous because of his skills, goals, and assists as a soccer player. He played for Newell’s old boys club in Argentina before joining the Barcelona and Argentina national teams.

The reason I chose this celebrity is because he plays soccer which is my favorite sport. Lionel Messi is my favorite soccer player. This soccer player is very well known. Even if you don’t play soccer, you have probably heard of him.

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