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Staff Spotlight: Our Interview with Ms. Fasanelle

by Kaitlyn and Cheryl

We would like to introduce P.S.102’s assistant principal Ms. Fasanelle! We think Ms. Fasanelle is a great assistant principal. Ms. Fasanelle loves being here because she’s able to help students, parents, and the community. She likes being able to watch students learn and grow to become more valuable members of our future. For 6 years, Ms. Fasanelle has helped support school achievements. Everyday she watches what students have learned and have helped them achieve their best.

Ms. Fasanelle is looking forward to the upcoming events. The school’s upcoming events are the fourth grade hip hop dance, Jump Ropes for Heart, Respect for All Week, and Women’s History month. Some upcoming field trips will be the Spiderman Broadway show for the fifth graders and many other local attractions.

There are many things that Ms. Fasanelle loves about P.S.102. The best thing she loves is seeing the smiling faces everyday. If everyone continues doing well to achieve their goals, then the school will continue going well. Ms. Fasanelle has always worked hard to help kids meet their goals. Ms. Fasanelle thinks that P.S.102 is the best school ever!


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Staff Spotlight: Ms. Sichenze

by Hagar

Ms. Sichenze has been working at P.S. 102 for the past twenty seven years. She believes that the most interesting part of her job is the many personalities that she works with. She said, “I enjoy and appreciate the unique teachers and staff at P.S. 102.” Every morning when she gets to work she looks forward to each day because, “PS 102 is home away from home.” Ms. Sichenze feels that the hardest thing about her job is that that there are not enough hours in a day, but she didn’t have anything to say when asked what was the least favorite part of her job.

When asked what has changed most since she began working at PS 102, Ms. Sichenze said that she grew 27 years older, but she doesn’t feel even a day older. Actually, she said that the biggest change is that there used to be Pre-K through 6th grade at PS 102. Oh, and did you know she has known Mrs. Dovi for the past 22 years!

In her spare time, Ms. Sichenze enjoys going bike riding with her husband Joseph. She has tons of friends and she enjoys their company. She also said, “I love to cook and garden and write, but most of all I love spending time with my family.” Ms. Sichenze has 3 children who have all gone to school at PS 102.

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Characters at 102: Adults who Make our School Special

Did you ever wonder “Who is that guy?” Or, “How long have they been working here?” Or, “What do they do?” We interviewed some staff members that we wanted to learn more about and found there are some really cool people at PS 102!


The 411 on Mrs. Mullaney

By Mary Kate

A few days ago I interviewed Mrs. Mullaney.  I knew I had some interesting questions to ask her.  She has three daughters. Aelish is in Mrs. Harner’s kindergarten. Her daughter Abby is in nursery school.  Her other daughter is too little to go to school.  Something I thought of when I was interviewing her was that since she has a family when does she make dinner? As I was interviewing her she was getting ready to go out and get dinner for her and her family. I also wondered, since she’s a teacher when would she be able to go on vacation?  So I asked her if she could go anywhere in the world where would she go? She said “Disney.”

Mrs. Mullaney did not go to a public school like us.  She actually went to a catholic school.  ‘It was different from P.S. 102,” she said.  She had to wear a uniform to school.  She has been working at P.S. 102 for a decade.  When I asked her if she liked P.S. 102, she answered by saying, “I love it.”

Liz Nehmeh, School Nurse

By Wiktor

PS 102’s Wonderful Nurses, Barbara Kenny & Liz Nehmeh

It was a boring day so I decided to interview Nurse Liz.  Liz Nehmeh is a kind and good nurse.  She helps kids and likes animals.  She enjoys working with children and helping them with any problems.  She has worked at P.S. 102 for seven years. 

She went to elementary school at P.S. 104.  She said “It is very much like P.S. 102.”   She also has three children. Two of her children are in college. Jimmy is 23 and is working on a masters degree at LIU.  Sahra is in her 4th  year at American University.  Becky is 17 and is very interested in art and is a senior at LaGuardia High School.


By Aidan P.

I interviewed Jose Ortega the custodian.  I interviewed him because I see him every day, but yet I don’t know much about him.  Jose has one daughter in college at St. Josephs. “I really like working here because I love the kids and teachers at P.S. 102.,” Jose said.  He has been working here 23 years 7 days a week.  When he’s not working, Jose hangs out with his daughter, goes to the gym and goes to the movies.

Jose went to elementary school at P.S. 017 in Williamsburg.  Back then, the teachers were much stricter and had more of a choice in how they teach. Jose also does side jobs like plumbing and electrician work.  His job here at P.S. 102 is making sure stuff functions properly and heating the school.  “Keeping this school clean is a real challenge,” he said.  Jose went to college to take courses on fixing things properly so it doesn’t backfire.  He went to Eastern District in Williamsburg for high school.  Jose seems to go everywhere in the school every day.  Now I know a little more about Jose.  He seems like a really nice guy.

Mr. Lantieri

By Tania

When I was in the Journalism Stars Group, my teacher told me that I had to interview somebody.  I had to pick a person that worked at P.S. 102.  I decided to choose Mr. Lantieri.  I thought that he would be a fun person.

I went to interview him on Thursday and Mr. Lantieri was waiting for me.  I started to ask him questions and he answered them.  I learned a lot about Mr. Lantieri.   He told me that he has a 16 year old daughter that goes to High School.  He has two shepherds, cats and goldfish.  I had a good time in Mr. Lantieri’s office. He was very nice to me and gave me a lot of details.  I also think Mr. Lantieri enjoyed the interview.   Wow! I was impressed for doing my job!

Mrs. Sichenze, Assistant Principal

By Carolyn

On January 25, 2010, I interviewed Mrs. Sichenze who is an assistant principal at P.S. 102.  Mrs. Sichenze helps Mrs. Dovi run the school.   She tries to help students and teachers reach their full potential.  When I asked Mrs. Sichenze what she like best about P.S. 102 she said, “I will say the teachers and staff and students are what I like best about the school.  I have worked at this wonderful place for 26 years and I have loved every minute of it.”

Mrs. Sichenze has three children ages 14, 12 and 7.  Her 7 year old currently attends P.S. 102. Her 14 year old attends Fontbonne Hall Academy and her 12 year old son attends IS 187, Christine Mcauliffe.  Mrs. Sichenze went to St. Ephrem’s Elementary School. She would like to tell the readers that P.S. 102 is a unique and special place.

In her free time, Mrs. Sichenze likes to cook, garden, read, write poetry, exercise and spend time with family and friends.  She also loves to shop for antiques.

I would describe Ms. Sichenze as someone who is kind, very friendly and a great person to go to for help.  She loves her job and she especially loves children.

Peter Modina

By Aidan C.

It was a normal day. It was a Monday afternoon.  I interviewed Peter Modina. He is a school custodian here at PS 102.  Peter is a very nice man.  It was actually a lot of fun and he was easy to talk to.   Peter said he has two daughters who are teachers.  He went to PS 174.  When I asked him if he faces challenges working at PS 102, he said he faces no challenges.

Interview of Mrs. Dovi

By Jasmine
Today I interviewed Mrs. Dovi in her office.  Here are some questions I asked her:  Do you have kids, where do they go to school?  How long have you worked here? Where did you go to elementary school and how is it the same or different?  Mrs. Dovi answered that she has two kids and they finished school.  She has worked here 23 years.  She went to elementary school at O.L.P.H. and there were less kids where she went.

Here are more questions:  What was your first job, what is your favorite part of being principal and what is your least favorite part about being principal?  She answered that her first job was a teacher. Her favorite part about being principal is watching the children learn and her least favorite part is budget cuts! It wasn’t hard to interview the principal, Mrs. Dovi turned out nicer than I expected!

More About Mrs. Rose
by Melody

Mrs. Rose Bugliaro is a very social person.  She likes to spend time with the children and the staff at PS 102.  She works as an attendance school aide at PS 102.  A challenge to her is something that can’t be corrected.  She has worked here for many years so she has a lot of experience.  Mrs. Rose went to elementary school here in Brooklyn.  It is different because we have more supplies in school than Mrs. Rose did when she was in school.

Mrs. Rose has kids, grown men.  They have jobs and are married.  She likes to read in her spare time.  Mrs. Rose likes to go to Pennsylvania to visit relatives.

We’ve had some experiences outside of school like meeting at church or down the block.  Mrs. Rose is my favorite PS 102 person because she is one of the first people that I met.  She is easy to talk to and she doesn’t make me nervous like some teachers.  I like to meet her outside the school and talk to her.  I see her more often than anyone else besides Mrs. Papantoniou and have known her longer than any other person in PS102.


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Feature: My Exciting Day with the Assistant Principal

By Judah

It was a dark and stormy night (actually, a very bright and fun day) and I was walking the halls to … the ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL’S office! I thought, “I should call my mom and say goodbye and I love her like they do in the movies.”

I entered Mrs. Fassenele’s office while picturing her as a blood thirsty vampire. Instead, we talked a lot about her life, and she turned out to be a very nice person.

One of the reasons I know she is nice is because she thinks that she is very fortunate to work here. She has been assistant principle for five years, and before that she taught fourth grade for seven years. As the assistant principal, she runs the school’s budget, which means she makes a plan for how much money they are going to spend for this and how much they are going to spend for that. She also got some phone calls while I was interviewing her, so I know she gets interrupted a lot.

Mrs. Fassenele said that one of the challenges at the school is when a student who has just come to the country has to take the same tests as the other kids. It’s hard because they are just learning English but the tests are in English. She has to help them figure out how to do better.

Mrs. Fassenele was born near where I live in Bay Ridge. She went to Visitation Academy all girls’ school. Visitation Academy was very strict. They got demerits and had to wear uniforms, so it is hard to believe the loving Mrs. Fassenele came from such a strict school. She enjoyed playing softball, traveling, reading, and playing piano when she was a kid, and now her hobby is raising her baby who is almost one.

So, the interview started in my head as scary, and ended up merry. Mrs. Fassenele is a great woman, and a very hard-working assistant principal.


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Feature: Mrs. Dawn’s Days

By Allison

I decided to interview Mrs. Dawn Hoang.  She is a regular Italian woman.  She has three kids, two boys and one girl and they all went to P.S. 102.  Mrs. Dawn had gone to O.L.P.H. elementary and high school. The boys, Nicolas and Jason work in the school with their mother. Mrs. Dawn is an Administration Aide at P.S. 102.

I asked her “What do you like best about working at P.S. 102?”  She replied “My coworkers and what I do here.”  I asked her age and she said to me “I’ll go as high as 25 years old.”  Mrs. Dawn has a great sense of humor. 

Mrs. Dawn finds what is difficult is trying to get the job right and getting the right tools for the school.  She has been working here 13 years.  She loves namebrands such as Nike, Coach, Tiffany and Louis Vuitton.  She loves Disney.  She has two dogs – Louis Vuitton and Chewie Vuitton.

She loves to laugh.  She would refer to herself as a fashionista.  Her favorite colors are black, orange and brown.  She loves Halloween. I asked her, “Are you related to a celebrity?” and she answered, “My uncle was married to Gloria Vanderbilt.”

Mrs. Dawn had told me “My maiden name is Lambert.” I thought, “Adam Lambert?” She is also a Heart Share teacher. Mrs. Dawn loves to jog.  She is afraid of bugs and sharks.

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The Day I Had To Interview Mr. Silverman

It was the day that I had to interview Mr. Silverman!  It was a Thursday afternoon at last period in school.  I got out of my classroom to go interview him.  I was really nervous and trembled with fear because I always mess up when asking questions.

 When I saw Mr. Silverman, he looked very happy about getting interviewed. I said, “Hi Mr. Silverman.” He happily said, “Hello.” Then we sat down at a table on the fourth floor. The first thing I told him was, “Thank you very much for letting me interview you.” “You’re very welcome,” he responded.

 The first question I asked was, “What kind of work do you do?” He said, “I work as a fourth grade teacher.” Next I asked Mr. Silverman, “What can be something difficult for you?” He said, “Something difficult to me is having too much to do in too little time.” The next question almost really messed me up! I said, “What do you like best about working at P.S. 102?” He said, “The community of teachers, students, parents, and staff all working to make a difference in students’ lives.” After that question I didn’t feel so nervous anymore. I felt as if I was going to finish really quickly. The next question I asked was, “Where did you go to elementary school and how is it the same and different from P.S.102?”   “I went to school in New Jersey and some things that are the same are the subjects and the same number of hours. Some things that are different are that in my school it was from Kindergarden – Sixth Grade and we had more tests.” responded Mr. Silverman.   Next I asked, “How long have you worked at P.S.102?” Mr. Silverman said, “I have been working at P.S.102 for about 6 years.”  I had one more question to ask, I was so relieved. The last question I asked was, “Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers about your experiences at P.S.102?” Mr. Silverman said, “P.S.102 is truly my home away from home.” I was done with the interview. I told Mr. Silverman, “Thank you for letting me interview you.” He said, “You’re very welcome.” Finally we both said bye to each other and went to our classrooms.

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