February 2010: The What? Issue

The What? Issue

“Do WHAT you can, with WHAT you have, where you are.” – President Theodore Roosevelt

“We make a living by WHAT we get, we make a life by WHAT we give.” – Winston Churchill

Did you hear that?

“Hear what?” you ask.

The sounds of students at PS 102. The sounds of children learning, laughing, growing.

The February issue of Our Virtual Journal is the “What?” issue. Last month, we explored the “Who?” of 102. Who we are at the Journalism Stars club and who are some of the interesting characters in the story of our school. This month we uncover what’s going on here, what’s important to our students and our community.

Welcome to our world. Discover what really matters.


>> “Help Haiti Hope,” reporting by Judah

>> “The Multicultural Tea,” reporting by Mary Kate

>> “Science Rocks!” reporting by Mary Kate

>> “PS 102 Wears Red!” reporting by Allison

>> “Movie Review: The Lightning Thief,” reporting by Aidan P.

>> “Valentine’s Fair,” reporting by Allison

>> “Book Making Competition,” reporting by Melody

>> “Our School’s International Celebration,” reporting by Aidan C and Wiktor

>> “Hearts For Haiti,” reporting by Jasmine, Mary Kate, and Tania

>> “Science Fair,” reporting by Abdelrahman, Tania

>> “Book Tournament,” reporting by Aidan C

>> “Recycling Story,” reporting by Sammy


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