Vacation Destination: Playland

by Mohab

Have you ever visited Playland? I think you should visit Playland because there are the best, extreme, and coolest rides ever. For example, they have Super Flight which soars you up in the air.  Dark Knight is when the ride goes up and down and swirls in the dark.  Rainbow slide is a slide that is 100 feet high.  However, there are many more rides in Playland. There are even rides for babies.  I hope you will visit Playland because it is a really fun place.

by Assila

Do you want to go to a park full of rides and scariness? Then go to Playland Park.

This park is awesome. There are a lot of rides. Some of the rides are Starship 200, The Lodge, Skyflyer, The Roar, King da Kong, and much more.

Starship 2000 is a very spinney ride. You are on something magnetic and when it starts to spin, then you are stuck to it. Skyflyer is a circle ride. It flips in circles and you can get dizzy afterwards. These are my two favorite rides.


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