School Event: Multicultural Show Es Muy Bueno

by Serina and Chloe

On January 27, 2012 my friend and I saw the multicultural tea and show.  This show was perfectly put together with the help of Ms. Grillo and Ms. Manfredi.  There were a lot of desserts and treats.   Amina Assad,  the person who started it all in 1999 and even went to this school, was there. She came back to be in our school’s PTA.  We also interviewed lots of parents who brought lots of desserts from their cultures.  We can’t believe how many cultures there were.  Some of our favorite things about the show were the dances such as the Irish Step Dance Reels, Dabka, and the Indian dance.  The Indian dance started out slow but it started to get faster.  The Dabka dance was really good.  It made us almost want get up and dance.  Overall we thought the show was really good and the food was really great too.



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4 responses to “School Event: Multicultural Show Es Muy Bueno

  1. Ms. Grillo

    Each year when Ms Manfredi and I ask the students in our school if they want to join our Multicultural Club, we find amazing students, who are so proud of their culture, music and language. Our club would not be possible without these children. It is always rewarding and fun for me to see how we come together as “one people” through this wonderful event. Thanks to all the children who came to practice and shared their cultural pride with us. Hasta la vista!!

  2. Joe

    I like it very much…Congratulations

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