Game Review: AQ Worlds

by William

AQWorlds is an online game were you fight monsters to level up and earn gold. When you start off. you have four choices of different classes or armors- the healer, rouge, mage, and warrior. You also start off with different weapons. When you battle different monsters you might earn an item after defeating the monster. If you are a high level you can earn other rare items with your gold. Each month new events happen. During the event, rare limited time items are sold by one of the guest characters. Sometimes the game has a contest called I CAN HAS MOD. In this contest you draw a picture of your character and send it to the company they also have an item that turns into a new item in a month. One more important fact is if you want to buy items that stay in a shop forever go to Yulgars shop in Battleon. If you want to play go to


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