Book Review: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

by William

The book,  Percy Jackson and the Seaof Monsters is about a kid named Percy Jackson. He and his friends Annebeth and Tyson a have to battle monsters at a camp called Camp Half- Blood. This camp is the camp where demigods learn to fight monsters. Demigods are sons or daughters of a god. But, the tree that guards the camp has a magical flow that flows through the tree. The tree was poisoned by an evil camper named Luke. Luke’s dad came to Percy and gave him gifts on his adventure to cure the tree. Percy and his friends have to travel to the sea of monsters where a magical fleece can cure the poisoned tree. But then one of his friends dies. When they get to the sea of monsters  Percy and his friend finds Tyson with the fleece. Then a giant Cyclops tries to get the fleece back, but Percy wounded the monster and fell into a ravine. When they got to the ship the Cyclops came out and chucked rocks at them. Next, their ship was destroyed by one of his rocks. So Percy stabs the Cyclops in the eye and kills it. Percy’s dad Posiden summoned a horse half fish to bring them back to camp. When they get back the fleece’s magic works too well and the tree turns into a girl. If you want to get the 3rd book look for it at a store, it is called The Titans Curse.


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  1. What a good review. I love the Percy Jackson books.

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