Movie Review: Toy Story 3

Reviewed by Hagar

“I can’t believe Andy is going to college! No wonder why we’ve been stuck in this toy box and haven’t been played with for over 2 years.”

In the movie Toy Story, the toys are back with some  more         spectacular adventures. They return with some new friends and faces. As Andy is preparing for college, Woody, Jessie, and the rest of the toys wonder where they are going to end up. Andy can’t take his toys to college, so they are either going to end up in the trash or in the attic. But when Andy decides to put them in a bag to go to the attic, his mom mistakenly thinks its trash. So the toys end up in the garbage because of Andy’s mom. But when they find their way out of the bag, they think its Andy who threw them out. The toys are mad at Andy and think that it was his fault. Now they feel that Andy doesn’t need them anymore. When they see the box for the Sunnyside Day Care donation they decide to go in the box and leave because they don’t think they need to stay now that they’ve been thrown away. When they move to Sunnyside Day Care, they meet hundreds of new toys and friends like Lots-O’-Huggin bear. He seemed so nice and showed the toys around and made them trust him. But, that was a big mistake. Lots-O’-Huggin tells them they will be staying in the caterpillar room from now on. When the kids come back from recess, the kids go out of control and they’re biting the toys heads. That’s when they realize that Lots-O and the others are bad because they know what happens in the caterpillar room. Now the toys regret leaving home. Whenever they try to escape, Lots-O is always on the lookout. Will the toys ever go home? Find out and watch Toy Story 3 to find out what will happen next!


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  1. ayah

    My brother loves toy story!!!!

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