Movie Review: Karate Kid

by Javian and Ahmed

Hello movie lovers! Do you want to watch a movie that is called “Karate Kid?” But first lets get things straight.  Do you like karate and do you like kids? Then this is the movie for you.

The main characters in this movie are Dre Parker and Mr. Hong.  In this movie Dre likes a girl named Meiying. She has a boyfriend Cheng who did not want Dre to talk to Meiying.  Cheng said “If you go near her again, there’s going to be a problem.  Cheng knew karate but Dre did not know any karate.  Dre talked to Meiying at school and Cheng caught him. He was going to beat him up, but Dre ran away and met Mr. Hong.  Mr. Hong taught him karate – enough to go to the tournament.  Dre went through all the training.  He went to the tournament and saw all the challenges. They were very competitive. Dre Parker was very nervous to fight.  His first battle was so frightening that Dre ran out once.  Then he ran out again.  The next two battles he won.  Dre was in the finals.  During one battle the other kid from Cheng’s team broke his leg and was disqualified.  Everybody thought Dre couldn’t fight, but he fought all the way and he won.


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  1. Angelique Diaz

    HEY GUYS IT’S ANGELIQUE =) I love the review of the “Karate Kid.”

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