Staff Spotlight: Ms. Sichenze

by Hagar

Ms. Sichenze has been working at P.S. 102 for the past twenty seven years. She believes that the most interesting part of her job is the many personalities that she works with. She said, “I enjoy and appreciate the unique teachers and staff at P.S. 102.” Every morning when she gets to work she looks forward to each day because, “PS 102 is home away from home.” Ms. Sichenze feels that the hardest thing about her job is that that there are not enough hours in a day, but she didn’t have anything to say when asked what was the least favorite part of her job.

When asked what has changed most since she began working at PS 102, Ms. Sichenze said that she grew 27 years older, but she doesn’t feel even a day older. Actually, she said that the biggest change is that there used to be Pre-K through 6th grade at PS 102. Oh, and did you know she has known Mrs. Dovi for the past 22 years!

In her spare time, Ms. Sichenze enjoys going bike riding with her husband Joseph. She has tons of friends and she enjoys their company. She also said, “I love to cook and garden and write, but most of all I love spending time with my family.” Ms. Sichenze has 3 children who have all gone to school at PS 102.


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  1. that was a great article

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