Movie Review: Tangled in 3-D

Reviewed by Kayla

I like this movie called Tangled. This movie is about the king and queen’s daughter named Repunzel who was kidnapped by an old woman when she was first born. Repunzel had a gift. The gift was her magical hair. The hair glowed every time she healed somebody. When this happened, she sang a song. The woman kidnapped her and kept her in a tower for 18 years. On her 18th birthday Repunzel sneaks out with Flynn Rider, who had run away from the guards.  Each year on her birthday the king and queen had a lantern that would go up into the sky. They hoped that Repunzel would return some day by seeing the light. To find out if Repunzel returns home, I recommend that you see this movie.

I like this movie because it’s funny, exciting, and adventerous. When you see this movie you will definitely laugh and have fun. It makes you want to see more.I f you see this movie in 3-D like I did , it seems as if you are actually in the movie, and that’s even more exciting!


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  1. i loved that movie and your review made me love it even more

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