GO Update: Introducing President Halie

by Alina and Annie

Have you ever wanted to learn more about our G.O. president, Halie? Now you can, if you read this article!

Halie was never expecting to become the G.O. president, until now. Even though it seems fun, it’s a lot of work. She has to keep the school safe and plan a lot of fun things, but it’s sometimes hard to keep her promises. Some of the things she is planning to do is better lunches and better music on Fridays.

Halie loves being president and she’s glad she got elected, but in most ways, she’s just like you and me. She likes skateboarding because it’s fun and it cools you of on hot, summer days. She also likes ice-cream and just going outside to play with her friends. When she grows up, she is planning to become an astronaut.

There you have it, Halie loves being president. She gets to plan fun things and kids could get more opportunities. Besides being president of the G.O., she’s just a regular kid.


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One response to “GO Update: Introducing President Halie

  1. Halie Jansen

    hiiii!!!! its halie….thx 4 interviewin me Alina and Annie…

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