Dear Journalism Star…..

by Aidan and Mark

Dear Journalism Star,
Some students in school don’t always get their homework finished. In some cases, they say it’s too hard.  Sometimes students are just lazy and just don’t do it. A lot of the time, people forget their books in school.  But I remember my books and I am by no means lazy. My problem- I am addicted to video games. Please help!
Addicted T. Games
Dear Mr. Games,

You can balance your playing time and your homework time by making a schedule for each day of the week. This way you can get your homework finished AND you you can play your video game. You can desigin the schedule yourself, or ask your parents for help. Having a schedule makes it easier to get homework finished and still lets you have fun.

Good luck,

Journalism Star

Do you have any ideas for questions that you’d like the Journalism Stars to answer? Leave them in the comments for consideration in our next update.


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