Book Review: Five Stars for Shiloh

Reviewied by Carolyn


If you love dogs, especially beagles, Shiloh is the book for you.

Shiloh is a novel written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Shiloh is a winner of the Newberry Medal, and a classic of children’s literature.

An eleven year old boy named Marty Preston comes across a young beagle in the hills behind his home. He falls in love with Shiloh immediately. Marty tries to get Shiloh to come to him several times. Since Shiloh has been abused, he does not respond to Marty.  Marty then whistles at Shiloh and the dog happily comes to him. Marty quickly figures out that Shiloh belongs to a local man with a bad reputation. The man is Judd Travers, and he abuses his dogs and drinks too much. Marty hides the dog in a pen over a large hill near his house. One night Shiloh gets attacked by a mean German Shepherd and almost dies.

Marty’s secret is out. Shiloh is also injured worse than Judd Travers would have ever injured him. The rest of the book is about Shiloh’s recovery and what Marty must do to save him from Judd Travers.

One of the best lessons the book teaches is that things are not as simple as they sometimes seem. Marty’s desire at first seems right. He wants to protect an abused dog.

However, in doing this, he must resort to more and more dishonesty. This book is more than a story of a boy and a dog. It makes children see that you can feel mixed up between right and wrong. It also makes children think about if keeping secrets from their family is ever okay.


Shiloh is a great book about the power of love and hope. Everyone should read this book. Out of five stars this book is a five- no doubt about that!

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  1. awesome book review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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