Why We Chose Journalism

Since June is a short month filled with memory-making, the Journalism Stars chose to collaborate on one piece describing why their experience learning to tell stories matters. Some chose to answer the question by imagining how their experience might influence them in fifth grade, and others answered more literally.

Abdelrahman, “Why I Wanted to Be in Journalism Club”

I wanted to be in journalism club because it sounded fun by hearing we can work on the school laptops. We learned how to work on the school web site and the Journalism Stars website. Working in the Journalism Club is very fun. I wish it could last for seven more years. I want the club to last that long because it was the best thing ever!

Mary Kate, “The Next Chapter in My Life”

I could feel the sweat between my hand and the railing as I walked up to my new fifth grade classroom. I entered. My teacher put me in a seat. I was next to two of my best friends but across from a new boy. An hour later we were all settled. The first thing the teacher had us do was to take a piece of paper and either write a page or an article on us. Luckily, I had gotten tons of this practice in my journalism club during fourth grade along with Melody and Aidan. I chose the article.

When I showed it to my teacher she told me it was just what she wanted. Then she asked me to read it to the class as an example. As I read “I am into swimming, journalism and reading…” I knew my journalism skills from last year would help. I was right. With every writing peice I was the example piece. On every report card I got a “4″ in writing. I was so, so glad I was in the 4th grade journalism club. It had helped a lot! It made me look like an Einstein. I was excellent in spelling, grammar, punctuation and everything. I had no more run on sentences. I was great. I am so grateful that I went to the 4th grade journalism club.

Aidan P, “A Great Time”

I chose to be in journalism club because I thought this was a great opportunity to be involved with the school web site. Once my teacher said that I have the choice, I knew I wanted to be in it. I was right, because I had a great time in these six months. It was a great experience with great people in it and great people running it. Each month we made an article based on either “How? Who? Where? Why? What? I loved my time here.

Journalism club might really help me for the fifth grade. For the fifth grade, I will have to make longer essays. That is just exactly what we do here in journalism club. I will also have to write stories using my imagination, which is what I do here as well. The thing they have in common is that I couldn’t wait for either of them. This is how journalism club might help me in fifth grade.

Carolyn, Why I Chose to be in the Journalism Club

When my teacher asked me if I wanted to be in the journalism club, I said “Yes!” I wasn’t going to pass up a great option to make friends and to write stories. I like to write stories and make people laugh. It was the best thing that happened in my life besides my dog.

How has this prepared me for fifth grade? Now I can tell all the new friends that I make in fifth grade and what an honor this was.

Tania, “Writing Club”

Being in this journalism club has been a fun and exciting year because I did fun stuff. I chose to be in this club because I knew it was going to be about writing. I wanted to improve my writing by getting a higher grade in writing. All the 11 people in the club came up with a great name “Journalism Stars.”

This club has helped me prepare for fifth grade by knowing more about writing and adding more details to my writing. I may be a good writer in my class next year and may have more 4’s in my writing!

Jasmine, “Get Good Grades”

My club helps me because I will write better for fifth grade. I could write better for the ELA and get a 4. If I got a 4 I will thank Ms. Sheri and the two parents. I come every Tuesday at lunch time. I’d rather get my writing better then play when I have the time.

I would spend most of my time to write my stories and do corrections. Writing would help me on my grades. Writing is the most important in all grades. I have to know how to write in order to write a story for the web site.

The two parents and Ms. Sheri would rather help the fourth graders. I hope you could join the club and get your writing skills better. GET GOOD GRADES!

Allison, “Why?”

Fifth grade is the next chapter of my life. The journalism club has prepared me for it. It will help me make a difference in fifth grade, so I can tell stories. In fifth grade I will tell stories and I have to interview anyone for a report, I will do it well. That is why I will thank P.S. 102’s Journalism Club. Journalism club made me a better journalist.

Aidan C, “Next Year”

Journalism is important to inform, entertain and persuade people, to give them news that they aren’t able to find out by themselves. Next year I will be in fifth grade. I think I will be in the G.O. I think I will be in the advanced placement class again. I might join an after-school program. That is what I think about for next year. I might change the school by writing stories. I will inform people about important news, or I might entertain people by writing funny stories.

Melody, “Why I Chose Journalism”

In the beginning of the school year, I was given a choice. I could go to journalism club. I figured it would be interesting, because I always get carried away in writing. That’s what they wanted, so I joined. It’s a cute little school journal writing club called Journalism Stars. I liked it so much!

I know it helps the school’s funds, because with better stories comes a more interesting newspaper. People will feel drawn to the stories and order more. We are almost famous all around the school!

We either give up Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s lunch time to go to journalism. They offer snacks and give us school lunch. The writing is the part I like most. There are only 12 people out of the entire fourth grade in journalism and I was one of them!

It made me feel good to join journalism. I don’t want it to end, but I hope I could join next year!

Sammy, “The Next Chapter”

Journalism club helped me take the next chapter of life by making me creative. Also it made me more confident in life for fifth grade. And is made me be kind of famous to tell people about us. Also it makes the teacher, the principal, family and friends to know us better. Lastly, it make me proud of myself. I joined Journalism Club because I wanted to meet new people. Also, I said to myself “I will be more than honored to join. And I wanted to impress everyone. Everybody else got to know me most. The only thing I wanted was glory and respect.

President Judah

When I am in fifth grade I will change the way people think about reading by using the G.O. and storytelling. I will become the president of PS 102 and read a short fun story on the announcements every day. It is important to make people like reading because reading is very healthy and it replaces being a couch potato.


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