Wild Ride over N.Y. and Thoughts of the Future

by Judah

Wild Ride over N.Y. (Part 1)

One day in May my grandmother, two cousins, and mother picked me up from school. Sounds like a normal day — if you consider riding a helicopter after school normal!

That’s right! I, Judah, went on a helicopter for the first time ever.

The helicopter ride over the city was super fun. We went all over New York and over part of New Jersey. We went near the Empire State Building and it looked like we were almost going to land on it. We almost landed inside of Yankee Stadium too! Luckily there was no game.

But the best part was that the pilot broke the law just for us. He went over the city even though helicopters are not allowed to because of complaints about the sound. It made me feel so important.

I kind of felt bad for my mom because she wanted to come, but only three people were allowed and all the children wanted to go. Of course, I appreciate that my mom and grandmother bought the tickets for us to go, but I still feel bad that my mom didn’t go.

Thoughts of the Future (Part 2)

While I was on the helicopter, I wondered if the pilot wanted to be sitting in that seat when he was a child. When I thought of that, I wondered what I want to be when I grow up.

When I grow up, I want to be either an archeologist, a chemist, a paleontologist, a toy designer, a spy, a comic book writer and illustrator, or an architect.

I hope I figure out what I want to be when I grow up because it is really important to have a job. I want one that’s fun for me.

This is Judah signing off. Bye.


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