What do you want to do in your Future Job?

by Sammy

For the “When” issue, Sammy asked PS 102 students what jobs they want to do in their future and why?

Judah:   A toy designer because he loves drawing and he likes to make toys.

Nestor:  A chef  – to follow his Dad.

Shannon:  A babysitter – because she likes to take care of little children.

Ryan: Wants to be in the airforce because he likes weapons.

Granit: A SWAT team member because he likes action.

Marlene: An art teacher because she likes to teach drawing.

Ruth: A scientist, because she likes to do science stuff.

Ermal: I want to be a gym teacher becasue I want to teach kids to do sports.

Sammy (the writer): I want to be an astronaut because I am curious about space and I like exploring.


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