The Past of PS 102

by Mary Kate

Mrs. Frances Tague, Class of 1940

Hello fellow PS 102 students.  Would you like to know about people who used to go to PS 102?  You can read about it in this article.  My article will tell you about students who are now in High School and students who went to PS 102 but are now in their 80’s!

For my article, I asked a friend of mine, Kamala, about what it was like when she went here.  Kamala is now a junior in high school.  She attends John Jay High School in Park Slope.  I asked what her favorite grade was and she said “First Grade.” During that year she had Ms. Silver as a teacher.  The hot lunches were still gross but the best meal was pizza.  She says that PS 102 was the best school she has been to compared with McKinley Middle School and John Jay High School.  Nothing was really different about our school when Kamala went.

Then I met a graduate of the Class of 1940.  I got in touch with my friend’s grandmother, Frances Tague (Magrinio) who went to our school during the years 1931-1940.  The school was very different back then.  There was one teacher per grade. They only taught grammar and math.  They made dresses to wear during their graduation picture.  If you want to see some of the pictures they are located in the hallway next to Mrs. Mullaney’s class room.  But some things were the same about PS 102.  They still had about the same amount of kids per class. There were boys and girls attending the school and a principal. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my article.


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  1. Ava Aronsen

    That is a great article about my grandmother Mary Kate! She is happy that you wrote some of that on her. Well keep on writing!

    Ava Aronsen

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