The Field Trip of a Lifetime

by Mary Kate

Have you ever seen Mayor Bloomberg on television? Have you ever heard of City Hall? Have you ever been to City Hall? Have you ever met the Mayor? Well classes 4-413 and 4-314 have done all of those things. Our classes went on the most exciting field trip to City Hall and you can read all about it right here, right now.

Museums always give tours and City Hall is like a museum. Therefore we went on a tour. We had really great tour guides that told us so many interesting facts about the history of City Hall and showed us so many cool statues including a bronze statue of George Washington when we first went in the building. This statue is an exact replica of a marble statue of George Washington. Then we went upstairs to the New York City Council Chambers. We found out that in this room the council members pass laws and the Mayor either signs them or vetoes them.

While we were in the Council Chambers, our very own Council Member Vincent Gentile stopped by to visit us and welcome us to City Hall. Next we got to go into the Mayor’s Office. We noticed that there were a lot of people working in there and we also noticed that there were a lot of fish because we were told that the Mayor likes fish. We got to meet one of the Deputy Mayors and her name is Linda Gibbs. As we were leaving the Mayor’s Office guess who we ran into?? Yes, Mayor Bloomberg!! He stopped and shook hands with my teacher (Ms. Papantoniou) and some of the parents that were on the trip. He spoke with us for a couple of minutes and asked us some questions. It was really exciting!

Then we moved on to the Governor’s Room where we saw an actual desk that was used by George Washington and a desk that had been used by Mayor LaGuardia, there were also a lot of portraits hanging on the walls. Afterwards our class got to go outside in a little park area behind City Hall and eat our lunch. Then came the end of our exciting field trip. I loved this field trip. Thank you Mom for helping to arrange this wonderful trip. 

A good journalist always interviews others to gather facts, so I interviewed some of the students that were on the trip and concluded that 90 percent of the students feel that the best part of the field trip was meeting the Mayor. This trip was very educational and the students learned many new facts. For example, Omar H. said he learned that there were two fires at City Hall and Ethan W. learned that there were three branches of government and what each one does. Jessica B. said she liked seeing George Washington’s desk.


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  1. Linda Gibbs

    Great article! I’m really glad your class could come to City Hall and I hope someday one of you will be a council member or Mayor and help do great things for our city!

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