Long View of Bay View

by Allison

Ms. Sheri showed us a photo of the staff from 1993 — PS 102’s 100th year.   It made me curious about what PS 102 was like in the past so I asked some of the teachers who have been here a long time.

First I spoke with Mrs. Famosa.

What changed in school? We had a woodshop.

What do you want back? More time with the class to do more things like interviews and taking photos. 

What do you like now? The programs – we can do a lot.

What did you like before? Less hectic!

Ms. Dawn is a HeartShare teacher and works during the school day as an Administrative School Aid. She was a parent and PTA member at PS 102 and has been at the school since 1984. 

She wants smaller classes and says many things changed – people, the building, gym and now we have a playground.

Mrs. Boden has been at PS 102 for 30 years.  She started working here when she was 24 as a Special Education teacher in a mentally challenged class, but they don’t have that program anymore.  Now she is a fifth grade teacher.

Was the classroom the same or different? They used blackboards and little wipe boards. Tables were in rows. They bought beautiful posters but now we have to make them. They had a wood shop, lots of spelling and grammar tests.  Teachers had to follow a curriculum but taught everything in their own style.  Now the teachers have to follow more of a balanced literacy style.


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