Where We Go Online

Journalism Stars students visit lots of fun places online.  Here are some of our favorites.


Recommended by Aidan C.

You should try Roblox! Go on roblox.com to make an account. Or you can play as a guest to see what it’s like. It is an online building game were you can make new friends. It is a very great game you should try.

Want to hear more about this fantastic game?!!? You can join builders club to make the game better. You get one place to build on and make it anything you want. You can make, sell, and buy all different clothes (except for gear and hats though.) You can play other peoples games and buy their creations. You can also make and join all different groups.

You should really try this game. You enter the great world of Robloxia. I give it 5 stars. It is soooooo AWESOME!!!. So make a free account TODAY!!!! You will soon be a robloxian and robloxians RULE!!!

Oh and p.s. you have to install Roblox to play games.


Recommended by Melody

My favorite website is Webkinz.com. Webkinz is my most visited website and it’s free! I bet you will love it as much as I do! On Webkinz you can create your own free account and adopt pets. You can also update your account to deluxe. But buy more pets, because your account expires next year. Buy more webkinz and it won’t expires.

You need to visit Ms. Birdy to adopt your pets. Visit Tabby Von Meow for a daily job, Arte to go gem mining, Goobers Science Lab to play and get recipes with Chef Gazpacho.

In Webkinz, there is so much to do! You have daily activities and hourly events, so don’t miss them. I’d recommend this website to people of all ages. So have fun!

XGen Studios

Recommended by Aidan P.

My favorite website is www.xgenstudios.com. There, you can play really fun games with crazy levels and cool graphics. It’s almost like you’re in the game. Some games are Raze, Boxhead, Bountyhunter, Redder, Brotherhood of the Battle, and much much more. Once you play those games you cannot stop. They’re addicting! Personally, my favorite game is Raze. You should go onto www.xgenstudios.com now. It’s really fun.

Club Penguin

Recommended by Carolyn

The place I like to visit the most on the internet is Club Penguin. Club Penguin rocks because it has parties for every holiday. Club Penguin even celebrates Earth Day. There are t-shirts to wear and trees to be planted. Club Penguin also invents new games. One new game is Puffle Rescue. You can win coins to buy stuff.

Club Penguin is a great way to have safe fun on the internet. All you need to do is buy a membership. Everyone should try it for a month!

Cartoon Network

Recommended by Abdelrahman

To me, the awesomest website I know is www.cartoonnetwork.com. The first time I went on the Cartoon Network website it looked really very boring but when I pressed All Games I saw a whole bunch of attracting games on my computer – right in my face. That was when I liked the website. I looked at the the long page from top to bottom. Directly at the top it said, “Do you want to become a member? SIGN IN. I asked my father if I can sign in. He said it’s okay. Then I got really excited. Now I’m always playing on cartoonnetwork.com. I’m playing all the new games once they come out. I even downloaded some of the games I really liked in my iPhone to play outside my home. You should definately go to http://www.cartoonnetwork.com to have all the fun I had!


Recommended by Tania

When I go on the computer, I like to go on funbrain.com. IF you go on that website you will pick if you are a boy or girl and what grade you are in. Then it will tell you what level to go on. You will start with a game of penguins. Funbrain will tell you the directions for all of the games until you are done. When you are done with the game, press “NEXT GAME.” Have fun!

Sonic Central

Recommended by Sammy

Sonic Central is the best web site in the world. You can send fan art of sonic. You can play many sonic games like “Sonic & Mini”, and you can see what kind of Sonic games have been up right now. Also they show you how much characters like Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Tails and much more. They also give copies on posters and they show you different posters. Last they show you Sonic X, Sonic comics. For more information go to www.sonicscentral.com. I hope you like it!

Club Penguin (X2)

Recommended by Mary Kate

Just what is this wonderful world of fun called Club Penguin? I will tell you it is an awesome, cool, fun filled virtual world of penguins. You can dress up in kookie or cute outfits. But where do you get the money for these cool clothes? You play great games. My favorite is, well I can’t choose.

When you are a penguin you can not live in a house. So, you get an igloo that you can decorate. If you love pets, you will love puffles. But, what is a puffle? It’s a pet that you can get for your penguin. Puffles come in all different colors. Plus they are super cute. You can take them on walks, play with them, or feed them. There are so many fantastic things to do on club penguin. So get to your computer and become a member of club penguin. Join the club, join Club Penguin at play.clubpenguin.com

Platform Racing 2

Recommended by Wiktor

Attention Game Lovers! I am going to tell you about a cool game called Platform Racing 2. To play the game, go to platformracing2.com. It is a game to race with other people. You can customize your person. If you win first place in a race, you can get another head or body. Add me to your friend’s list. My Platform Racing 2 name is ringboy2. Hope to see you there! Platform Racing 3 is coming up! It will be much better. It is awesome!



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2 responses to “Where We Go Online

  1. sonic central is the best ps:I am the one who made the artical.

  2. i can sing good you know.

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