Attention all Pokemon card lovers. I am about to teach you how to create your own Pokemon card. First go to the website www.pokemoncardmaker.org.  It will automatically show a picture of a fake card.  You will put your card details over this.

A Pokemon card created by Judah

Where it says “Weakness” click what you want it to be.  Same for “Resistance” and “Retreat Cost.”  Where it shows the letter “X, click if you want your card to be a Lv X.  Then go to “Name” and type in whatever name you choose.

Next the most important things: choosing a picture, the “HP” and “Type,” and choosing four “Moves.”  To do the picture, go to the website www.images.google.com and search whatever Pokemon name you want.  Then pick a photo from the choices they give you and save it to your files on the computer.

To do the “HP” and “Type,” go to the letters and words “HP” and “Type,” and choose what you want for them. Finally for the moves, go to “Edit Move 1,” “Edit Move 2,” “Edit Move 3,” and “Edit Move 4.”  Write the name of the move, then click on the type of move you want and write a description and “Damage.”

Finally, print your card. Cut it out, and enjoy it.

To learn more about how to play Pokemon games, visit www.Pokemon.com for rules and instructions.



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2 responses to “POKEMON CARD CREATOR

  1. great job!!?!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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