Keep it Safe

Keeping it Safe at 102

You can’t wear knee pads, elbow pads, or a helmet to school. So, how are you supposed to stay safe? Well a lot of kids do get hurt in the hallways. I know, because once I got hit in the head with the door. It hurt so much. Now I want you to stay safe.

I wanted to get some information from the student body.  Former P.S. 102 student Kamala says,  “A way to stay safe is to pay attention while walking in the halls.  Also a good tip is to pay attention in class and no running in the halls.”

Another thing I think you should do is when you hold the door is look to see if someone is behind you so the door does not hit them.

I have ten rules to keep you safe in the halls:

  1. No running
  2. Pay attention
  3. Hold the doors
  4. Don’t let the doors slip
  5. Hold the railing while going down the stairs
  6. Say “excuse me” when walking down the hall
  7. Make sure the hallway is not slippery before walking down the hall.
  8. Keep the pass or your lunchbox to yourself. If it goes flying it could hit someone.
  9. When walking down the halls stay slow but don’t take forever
  10. If someone needs help, help them!

Follow these rules and the school will stay safe.


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