How to Show Respect for All

Do you know how to respect others?  If you don’t I will tell you how.  First think if that person needs help so you could help.  They might need help on their work.  Next if they fall, you could help them up or bring them to the nurse.  Then if they don’t know English, you could teach them some words.  You could make friends when a new person is in your class.  I had a new girl in my class and I made friends with her.

You could help everyone.  You could even help your teacher and family members.  People will thank you for helping them.  When you help someone you will feel good.  They will feel good too.  Most people don’t respect others.  People just look at them and walk away.

Respecting people is the most important thing people need to do.  I do hope everyone respect others.  It makes a safe and happy place for everyone else that lives in life.  Everyone needs to learn to respect others.


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  1. you put a lot of work into this

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