How to Know and Avoid Drugs

Have you ever seen someone that gets really violent?  If you have, those people may be a drug addict. People sometimes first take drugs because they don’t want to live anymore.  One of the risks of drugs is that when someone takes a dose of  it they may become  addicted. 

A tip to help people not do drugs is to keep control of your emotions.  Another tip is to never take anything from a stranger or on Halloween, never take any unwrapped candy.

There are many different types of drugs.  One type is drinking too much alcohol.  Another type of drug is something you don’t even know is a drug.  It is smelling the air of  spray cans, because they have chemicals in them.

These things are how you know and avoid drugs.  Be careful because drugs are everywhere.  There are also prescription drugs which are medicine but you could still get addicted to them when you have too much of them.  Illegal drugs are the ones I mentioned earlier.  Some examples of  drug addicts are my dad’s friend who started hanging out with popular guys.  They started smelling glue and then they all commited a crime which he had to go to juvy for.  Another example is Michael Jackson. He took an overdose of prescription drugs.  My last example is about a family that has a policeman, a nurse, a police dog, and a son.  People thought the son was using drugs but the parents refused to listen.  A week later the son died because he smelled spray cans.  Those are some examples of drug addicts.

If  you don’t take drugs it will lead to a better life.


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  1. I can not believe they let you post this

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