How does the PTA do it?

This month I interviewed the PTA and had fun. My main question was how does the PTA plan such great assemblies.   Ms. Sheri directed me to one of the PTA Presidents named Georgiana Costantini.  She is a very  nice women. I asked her a couple of questions.  “How do you plan assemblies?”  She replied,  “We do it by seeing somthing online or on a poster, then we find out how much it is.”  Next, I asked, “How do you get the money?” She said, “By raising money in the beginning of the year.”  Next, I asked her ” How long after you plan the assembly does it come up?”  She answered, “it depends on how booked the people are.  The longest amount of time is a year, the least is a couple of weeks.”   Did you know the PTA has started planning on events for next year?  So I asked MORE questions.

I asked her, “How do you feel doing the PTA?”  She replied,  “I’m happy that I bring all of you something fun but educational.”

Have you ever asked yourself  “Where and when does the PTA meet?” Well today you won’t ask that of yourself again my friend.  I asked Georgiana the same thing.  Well they meet in the front of the auditorium in the beginning of every month.  FINALLY I asked, ” Why are you a PTA member?”   She gave me a meaningful answer…. come close, CLOSER, CLOSER NOT THAT CLOSE, she said, ” To see my son have a fun experience and to make a difference.”


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