How does Someone Become Principal for a Day?

City Councilman Vincent Gentile, Gianna Dario, Mrs. Dovi

Once  every year at PS102 a student can be principal for one day. They can do this by winning an essay contest.  But they do not get to make the rules or anything like that.  What they do is tell the events that are planned for the day on the daily announcements over the intercom.  They  also visit every classroom in the whole entire SCHOOL!  But the contest is only for 5th grade.

The date was January 29th. The principal this year was Gianna Dario.  She got a gigantic bouquet of  sweet smelling roses.  She even got to take a picture with the principal and the assistant principals.  She was announced by the principal, Mrs. Dovi, who also told about her essay and what it was like.  In the the lobby there is a list of principals for the day on a peice of wood.  All the names since the year 1997.


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