How Can We Recycle in Our Community?

These days, recycling is even more important than before.  As the earth gets closer and closer to global warming, it is filling up more and more with garbage.  We can help with this problem and here’s “how.”

In our community, we can recycle many materials that we consider garbage.  There are cost free ways to save our home – earth!  Find a soda bottle, not a can, cut off the top by cutting the middle with a knife.  Keep the bottom and put dirt and a plant in it.  Now you don’t need to pay for a flower pot!  We can also use a milk jug, cut a sit in the side and use it as a “milk bank.”  We can also use boxes, decorate them and assembly them to make a castle for your pet at home!

With all of these recycling examples to choose from you can be sure you can do one of these.  Even the smallest thing you do can make a difference.  Other than the ones I listed, the list of tecniques to recycle are endless!  So do what you can. We can’t say goodbye to our beloved home, earth, can we?


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