The Multicultural Tea

The whole school saw the multicultural show. The parents (and three lucky kids) got to go to the multicultural tea first. I was one of the lucky kids.

The Multicultural Tea was the show with food from around the world. They had steamed Chinese cakes and another food was Irish soda bread (donated by my mom.)  There was even American food like doughnuts! My favorite food was the Norwegian waffles.

The show was excellent. My favorite dance was the salsa. I had a favorite song, Alouette, performed by the French Club. I loved the costumes. They were so interesteing and the show had so many colors.

I noticed there were no Italian songs, dances or food. Next year, I plan to sing an Italian song called El Compari. The great show deserves 5 stars!


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  1. Margaret

    I look forward to hearing you sing!

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