Science Rocks!

We all went to the annual science fair. There were so many cool projects. When I was there I was speechless.

There were so many good kindergarden, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade projects. One of the interesting projects was small but great. It was called “Dinosaurs.” It was a kindergarden project done by Joseph K. Another great project was called “Banana Power.” The girl, Nadean A., took a banana and put it in a jar. She put a balloon on top of it. After a few days the balloon blew up!

I have another superb project to tell you about. It was a science project done by Sabrine B. and Jessica B. The project was titled “How Does Frozen Liquid Melt?” They had perfect pictures, wonderful data and a nice touch – a chart. If I was the judge I would give them first place.

There were a lot of nice displays. One was for the project “Octopus Habitat” by Aelish M. in K-5. Also Halie J. had a nice dispaly and a cool project “Camoflage.” A genuine display was provided by Sade L. She made home-made hand sanitizer to keep P.S. 102’s hands clean.

Something I noticed at the science fair was that there were more than one project on the same idea. But the science fair rocked!



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