Science Fair


When I went to the science fair I saw a lot.  In the science fair teachers had to pick the best projects to go to the gym.  In the gym everybody was going to go and look at them.  The Science Fair was on for two days.  My friend’s project went to the fair.  I saw it and it was about hamsters.  That was interesting.  My class went to see the Science Fair on Thursday. There were projects from every grade.  The fair was so big and there were more than 130 projects.


It was the P.S.102 Science Fair.   I saw a whole bunch of cool and fun projects. The coolest project was titled Make Clean Water With Dirty Water. It was and looked really interesting. A boy named Fernando H. did that project.

The projects I saw were all really good. They looked as if they were chosen for how interesting and complicated they are. For each grade there could be 15-30 projects. Each class can only have 4-10 projects going to the Science Fair.


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