Recycling Story

There was one wasteful day and I wanted that time to change!  I decided to write an article about keeping our school the greenest school around.  Composting is a way to make soil out of living things.  If you put vegetables and other scraps in a garbage can you have to put holes in it so they can breathe.

There are a lot of things in the recycling club that you can do.  You can sort things and decide where it goes.  Also, you can ask a teacher for help or look closely at the stuff that you’re supposed to put in the bin.  Lastly, you can make projects out of recycled materials.  Maybe in April the recycling club might go to the beach and clean up the garbage, so it can be clean again.  People are doing a great job recycling in the school.  We try to keep it up here, and that is a fact!


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