Help Haiti Hope

By Judah

The following story is based on facts about the Haiti earthquake that happened on January 12, 2010. But first, let me give credit to Mitch Albom for writing “Children in Haiti cling to way of life” (Detroit Free Press, 2/18/10) which inspired me to write this.


“I was in school when it happened. The ground shook rapidly. Everybody screamed in terror! We jumped out of the windows to escape, but some died. They fell on their heads or just stayed in the school. Luckily, I survived.

“One by one buildings would collapse around us. It was horrible! We would just stand there, watching as people were dying. We were all so scared. Everybody was screaming and bloody. Nobody was themselves. Even I was bloody and screaming.

“When it was all over I went to a tent hospital because the normal ones were knocked down. Thankfully I was not badly hurt. I only had ten cuts and they were not that big. But there were so many dead people, over 215,000 of them! There were big yards full of them! I was so sad. Also, three million people were affected, and 300,000 were hurt. It was tragic, and heartbreaking.

“After the quake and being at the hospital, I tried going home, but I had no where to go. I was homeless because my home had been knocked down. I was so sad and even angry.

“The next thing I knew I was at special home for homeless children. There I received treatment for my cuts, and food and shelter.

“All of this was given to me from the help of the people of America. Thank you for all of your generosity. It’s going to take a long time to rebuild Haiti so please continue to donate money to help us.”

I can imagine this happening to a boy my age because of all of the things I have heard and read online about the Haiti disaster. The end of this story can be true for many people in Haiti if we continue donating money to Haiti.

We can all help Haiti by giving money to charities that help Haiti rebuild. We can also make posters in our schools that encourage people to give money to Haiti. We should gather up a group of kids to ask our principal to try to reach out to all public schools in New York so that each school can try to raise $2,000 for Haiti. (By the way, P.S.102 already has raised about $2,270 for Haiti!) If all of New York City’s 1,500 public schools raise $2,000 for Haiti, we will have raised $3 million!

Please help Haiti because your kindness can bring Haiti hope and change.



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