Hearts For Haiti

In Haiti there was a big earthquake that destroyed everything and even killed people.  Everybody knows about the disaster.  The terrible earthquake hit on January 12, 2010.  Lots of people are dying because of earthquakes!   More than 200,000 people died, including children and babies. One person was stuck for 28 days but lived and was found!  Some people don’t even have money to buy food or have water to drink. 

In Haiti people are trying to rebuild houses to live in.  Our school, P.S. 102 helped to raise money for Haiti.  The program was called “Hearts for Haiti”. We made hearts to stand for Haiti and show we care.  We colored in the hearts that were sent home and some people also brought in money to donate to help save Haiti.  You didn’t have to donate money to make a heart, but they told us even 10 cents would help!

Now in the school gym and auditorium you can see our Hearts for Haiti.  We raised $1276.70 plus $1000 from the PTA.  That is $2276.70 we donated! Good job P.S. 102 and way to go PTA!


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