PS 102 Wears Red!

It was a nice and bright day and Mrs. Dovi had been announcing something all week, The American Heart Association’s “Wear Red Day.” It is a very great day because the teachers and staff donate money to fight heart disease and everyone wears red. This year it was on Friday 2/5/10.

Our fourth grade class, Mr. Silverman’s class, got 100% assembly dress because we worked together and are going to get rewarded. This shows you should not pick on anyone – you are a team! You sink together and you swim together.

I asked Mrs. Dovi, “What do you like best about Wear Red Day?” And she replied, “I like to see the school spirit that happens when everyone wears red and we raise funds for a good cause.” I asked her “What do you think about when you see Red Day?” Mrs. Dovi replied “I think about the heart and people having a heart because they donate money.”

I asked her if she would like to go full-out red, but she replied that she likes to wear just a red shirt, because she doesn’t look good in red.” My last question was “What’s your favorite thing about Wear Red Day?” She said something so kind, thoughtful and beautiful, she said to me, “That it raises money that will help people live longer.”


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