Winter Break Memories

Journalism Stars members wrote about something fun, wonderful or important that happened over the winter vacation break that will be remembered throughout the coming year.



Ski Shawnee

On the winter break my dad and I went to the Poconos to ski Shawnee.  We were going skiing!  I skied a lot of times before.  We rode from our hotel to it. I was so excited.  We were going skiing on big mountains from 9:00 to 5:00. I am an expert skier.  There were really big mountains.  We went on all of them. There were different colors and levels.  Some were hard, some were easy.  One I went on had almost a 90 degree angle. I fell like 4 times.  Sometimes my skis fell off.  When it was time to go, me and my dad’s legs hurt like someone put cold water on them.  I LOVE SKIING!


One memory I had when winter break was just ending was sad and happy at the same time.  We adopted two little kittens. One black, named Mundo. One white and black, named Jack.  They are brothers and they are very playful.  When our Aunt Mary Jo came over to our house, she said that our kittens have worms.  That was sad for me because we might have to give them away.  Soon my family started to get ringworm spots.  When a person or animal is infected by ringworm, pink spots about the size of a pencil top appear on the skin. It’s not a worm. It’s actually a fungus on the skin that needs to be treated or it will grow.  We will give the kittens away today unless we decide to stay away from them for a month until they get vaccinated.  We now choose to stay away from them so we can hopefully keep them.


Me, my mom and people from my church went ice skating.  We did this on January 2nd, Saturday, 2010 in Prospect Park.  I didn’t know how to ice skate because it was my first time, so my mom taught me how to because she did not want me to fall. My mom taught me so well that I only fell three times.  I will always remember that day.  We took lots of photos.  I ate a churo for the first time in my life.  Everybody ate together in what they call “Kate’s Corner,” also known as the snack bar.



On Monday during the winter break I went to the park with my dog Snoopy.  We both had fun. When I made a snow angel, Snoopy always licked my face.  We loved to tackle each other in the snow.  When we had races, he would always win because it is hard to run in boots. We had so much fun!



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2 responses to “Winter Break Memories

  1. As an editor/writer, I’m thrilled to see a club like this and to see such budding journalists–great interview questions, which I believe is the crux of a great article. Please let me know if I can be of help from the West Coast. I will pray that your club (and your talents) will continue to flourish!

  2. Izzy

    Great job Ally my best friend. It was terrific!

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