Feature: My Exciting Day with the Assistant Principal

By Judah

It was a dark and stormy night (actually, a very bright and fun day) and I was walking the halls to … the ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL’S office! I thought, “I should call my mom and say goodbye and I love her like they do in the movies.”

I entered Mrs. Fassenele’s office while picturing her as a blood thirsty vampire. Instead, we talked a lot about her life, and she turned out to be a very nice person.

One of the reasons I know she is nice is because she thinks that she is very fortunate to work here. She has been assistant principle for five years, and before that she taught fourth grade for seven years. As the assistant principal, she runs the school’s budget, which means she makes a plan for how much money they are going to spend for this and how much they are going to spend for that. She also got some phone calls while I was interviewing her, so I know she gets interrupted a lot.

Mrs. Fassenele said that one of the challenges at the school is when a student who has just come to the country has to take the same tests as the other kids. It’s hard because they are just learning English but the tests are in English. She has to help them figure out how to do better.

Mrs. Fassenele was born near where I live in Bay Ridge. She went to Visitation Academy all girls’ school. Visitation Academy was very strict. They got demerits and had to wear uniforms, so it is hard to believe the loving Mrs. Fassenele came from such a strict school. She enjoyed playing softball, traveling, reading, and playing piano when she was a kid, and now her hobby is raising her baby who is almost one.

So, the interview started in my head as scary, and ended up merry. Mrs. Fassenele is a great woman, and a very hard-working assistant principal.



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6 responses to “Feature: My Exciting Day with the Assistant Principal

  1. Well done young man. I love the creativity and the hard work you put into editing this delightful piece. Very, very well written. Your school must be very proud of you and the example of excellence you demonstrate here. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all.

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    • Anne M. Morris

      Judah, I think you are well on your way to becoming a fine Journalist should you choose that vocation. I think your imagination makes for an interesting read for any age as you draw one’s attention to what you are describing. Keep up the good work and use the gift that the Lord is starting to bloom from within your spirit.

  3. Pastor Rick

    Way to go Judah. I’m the proudest Grandpa. Great job. Following in your daddy’s footsteps. Keep it up. Grandma, Seth and Simon enjoyed it to. God bless you. Love You

  4. Leslie Rosado

    Judah, what a GREAT job you did. I’m sure you can now pass Ms.Fassanle office and smile. Keep up the good work. Congratulations on a job well done.

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