Feature: Mrs. Dawn’s Days

By Allison

I decided to interview Mrs. Dawn Hoang.  She is a regular Italian woman.  She has three kids, two boys and one girl and they all went to P.S. 102.  Mrs. Dawn had gone to O.L.P.H. elementary and high school. The boys, Nicolas and Jason work in the school with their mother. Mrs. Dawn is an Administration Aide at P.S. 102.

I asked her “What do you like best about working at P.S. 102?”  She replied “My coworkers and what I do here.”  I asked her age and she said to me “I’ll go as high as 25 years old.”  Mrs. Dawn has a great sense of humor. 

Mrs. Dawn finds what is difficult is trying to get the job right and getting the right tools for the school.  She has been working here 13 years.  She loves namebrands such as Nike, Coach, Tiffany and Louis Vuitton.  She loves Disney.  She has two dogs – Louis Vuitton and Chewie Vuitton.

She loves to laugh.  She would refer to herself as a fashionista.  Her favorite colors are black, orange and brown.  She loves Halloween. I asked her, “Are you related to a celebrity?” and she answered, “My uncle was married to Gloria Vanderbilt.”

Mrs. Dawn had told me “My maiden name is Lambert.” I thought, “Adam Lambert?” She is also a Heart Share teacher. Mrs. Dawn loves to jog.  She is afraid of bugs and sharks.


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